last night

2 min readMar 18, 2022


Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

i went out on a date last night, and it was, surprisingly comfortable. we had a wonderful connection, although we were fundamentally incompatible in some ways (politics, etc)

with the last person i was dating – we were compatible on all levels of values and beliefs, but the conversational chemistry wasn’t as strong as i hoped it would be.

i do want to talk about last night’s date though, and how comfortable i felt in his presence. i usually don’t feel very comfortable involving myself in any physical affection or intimacy on a first date, but the connection felt so strong that i completely embraced the experience.

we held each other at the pier and it felt healing on many levels – maybe it was b/c we were both going through something in that moment where embracing another human being’s touch felt exceptionally special, but it was a rarety i found nonetheless, with someone i had just met.

all of this just supports the fact that i absolutely adore touch, physical intimacy, and sensuality as a woman. although it feels the best within the scope of a long-term relationship, these experiences, no matter the context, bring life to me.

i think it is not so much about the physical act itself but the act of bonding with another person, and cherishing it. i see that i’m able to cherish these experiences due to the mindset and perspective that we truly, in fact, only have one life.

i think so many of us are looking for that perfect relationship – which i do believe will happen for many of us – but in the meantime i don’t want to miss out on bonding and intimacy with the people that step into my life.

as the saying goes, sometimes what we need in the moment is right in front of us, but we choose to ignore it out of fear, or the thought that there’s something better out there, or simply choosing to look only into the future and not the present.

sometimes, the love we need is right there in different forms, but our minds stay closed off and narrow.

i think embracing a mindful and grateful mentality is particularly important in enjoying + embracing every experience that comes our way, and i feel that, the nice man i met with last night shared that same belief, and as a result, we were able to enjoy our brief time together.




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